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About The Lodge of Connaught & Truth

The Lodge of Connaught & Truth No 521 has been an integral part of Huddersfield life since 1845. It is a Lodge that is steeped in history, tradition and cultural heritage. With over 160 years of continuous history it was formed at the same time as national instutitions such as the Grand National and the University of Manchester. It predates organisations such as the Football Association, London Underground and was formed 14 years before Charles Darwin wrote On The Origin of Species.

A Lodge of Freemasons can be considered a "community" in its own right. What we share in common is an enjoyment of Freemasonry, a philanthropic, social and charitable organisation. It offers a unique opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds who share a high regard for ethics, which is practised independently of any religious or political convictions.

The ceremonies are a unique part of Freemasonry. They serve to remind of us our commitment to society as a whole, without being sanctimonious. They are just as relevant to today's society as when they were first being developed over two-hundred years ago. We have approximately 40 members, and our age range is between late 20s to late 80s. We come from all works of life, for example salesman, engineer, manager, teacher, joiner, storeman, policeman and lecturer. For many of our members Freemasonry adds an extra "dimension" to their leisure-time as it is a unique organisation.

Greenhead Masonic Hall where the Lodge of Connaught and Truth meets

The Lodge meets every Monday evening (except Bank Holidays) for a Lodge of Instruction. In addition the Lodge has its regular meeting on the first Friday of every month except January and August. We meet at Greenhead Masonic Hall, which located opposite Greenhead College, Huddersfield.

In additon to our masonic activity we have a varied social calendar which typically includes:

  • Ladies Night
  • Olde English Night
  • Lodge Weekend
  • BBQ
  • Curry Night
  • Sunday Lunch

In the Huddersfield District there are a total of 19 Lodges, each with their own Lodge meetings and social calendar. In fact, you would be amazed of how much masonic activity goes on in and around Huddersfield. The Lodges in Huddersfield, Halifax and Brighouse have over 1,200 members in 37 Lodges. As a member in good standing, you are entitled to visit any of these Lodges if and when you receive an invite from a member of a relevant Lodge. Visiting is an important part of Freemasonry and enables you to make friends with those "who would have otherwise remained at a perpetual distance", as the Masonic saying goes.